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Storytelling in 30 seconds or less. We love the challenge, the creativity, and the results from an expertly crafted ad. Avalanche Studios specializes in creating high-end television commercials, web commercials, and advertising for local, regional and national clients.

KSLCars Replaced

KSL Cars - replaced

It's not quite Knight Rider, but these talking cars show plenty of personality. This ad is part of a campaign produced by Avalanche Studios for the popular online car shopping site KSL Cars.

AFCU Lending Dead

AFCU - lending dead

Mighty Clever Advertising hired Avalanche Studios to produce this television ad for America First Credit Union to run on AMC during the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

KSL Jobs - Hi Monday

KSL Jobs - hi monday

Monday is starting to look better already. This television ad produced by Avalanche Studios was part of a campaign for the KSL Jobs' online classifieds.

Emergency Essentials - Lost Job

Emergency Essentials - lost job

Bad news never bothers this family. Avalanche Studios produced this television commercial for Emergency Essentials.

KSL Local - Bike Ride

KSL Local - bike ride

Who knew that a cute girl riding a bike could be so dangerous? This visual effects intensive television commercial was produced by Avalanche Studios to promote KSL Local. - Arches - arches

Utah is one of the most glorious places on earth, and Avalanche Studios produced this animated TV ad for as part of a campaign to feature the state's five national parks.

UDOT USU - Football

UDOT USU - football

Go big or go home. That's how Avalanche Studios approached the production of this television commercial it produced for the Utah Department of Transportation's new Traffic App. Agency was Intrepid.

KSL Cars - Date

KSL Cars - date

Even cars need to be careful when it comes to online dating. Deseret Digital Media hired Avalanche Studios to produce this campaign of television ads to promote the ever-popular KSL Cars site.

AFCU - Lending Spree

AFCU - lending spree

Grab your cart and shop till you drop. Mighty Clever Advertising hired Avalanche Studios to produce this ad for America First Credit Union.

Thomsen Reuters - Metastock

Thomsen Reuters - metastock

I never MetaStock I didn't like. Avalanche Studios produced a series of ads for Thomsen Reuters' Metastock software which air on CNBC, FoxBiz, MSNBC and other networks with financially-minded audiences.

Don't Look! - don't look

Mmmm, buttery, movie theater popcorn. Avalanche Studios produced this tv ad for the movie reviewing services provided by

Emergency Essentials - power outtage

Emergency Essentials - power outtage

Bedhead, bathrobes and mac & cheese all come together in this ad we produced for Emergency Essentials.

corporate projects

Every business has a story to tell - stories about new products, new services, how to work safely, and how to work more efficiently. Avalanche Studios creates videos for sales and marketing, training & safety, recruiting, customer testimonials, product demos, tradeshows, events, webinars, and more.

InContact - choose Wisely

InContact - choose wisely

We helped inContact create a fun campaign of speed-dating themed videos to show the importance of selecting the right partner for your call center.

Hendrickson - An Epic Ride

Hendrickson Truck - an epic ride

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of suspension systems for the transportation industry, Hendrickson International hired Avalanche Studios to produce this unique video. Filmed near Monument Valley on the Utah-Arizona border.

Utah Credit Union

Utah Credit Union Association - Political Wipeout

Doing our part to be community minded, Avalanche Studios helped out the Utah Credit Union Association in their effort to educate Utah voters about the importance of the Caucus Meeting.

Gallo/Discovery Spy Museum

Gallo/Discovery Spy Museum - Grand Opening

The secret is out. Avalanche Studios produced this video to highlight the grand opening events of the Discovery Spy Museum at Times Square in New York City.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame - gridiron glory

Gallo hired Avalanche Studios to film the opening events of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's traveling exhibit "Gridiron Glory" in Pittsburgh, PA.

MarketStar - Who We Are

MarketStar - who we are

Top executives from MarketStar explain who they are, what they do, and how they can help any company achieve success in marketing.

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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, AVALANCHE STUDIOS is a full-service film and video production company specializing in television advertising and corporate video projects. Since 1992, AVALANCHE STUDIOS has been creating dynamic and effective video presentations for clients in business, government, entertainment and education.

Our award-winning staff of directors, producers, editors and artists will guide you through the production process from script to screen. We take pride in providing the best service possible by giving each client more than they ask for, and approach every project with the attitude of, "How can we make this better?"


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